Glitzy Flamingo Hair Clips


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This a Glitzy Flamingo hair clip. The motifs is made from a bright sparkly pink glitter fabric and is fixed to a sparkly gold glitter fabric snap clip. The clips measure approximately 5cm. This is a gorgeous gift for anyone whoi likes pink and sparkly things or flamingoes!

You can buy this clip as an individual clip for either side of the head or as a pair of clips to be worn one for each side.

Side to be worn- this is the side of the head of the person wearing it, for example if they wear it near their left ear then the clip is worn on the LEFT side.

Please note these are not suitable for under three’s.

At Tilly and Flo we believe in giving children the confidence to grow as strong independent people, we understand that all children have their passions and we love to support them in that passion no matter how unusual. By creating a wide range of different designs hopefully you will find just the thing your child is passionate about however if you not please contact me as I am happy to create custom designs!

You can see what other hair clip designs I have available by checking out the Hair Accessory section of my store.

Party Bag Fillers- If you would like to order 5 or more of any individual design for use as a party bag filler please contact me as I can offer a volume discount!


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