One of my earliest memories is of the sound scissors make when they are cutting fabric on a cutting table, I still love that sound and savour it as I’m cutting out my creations. That sound was part of my childhood as my Mum cut and sewed and I watched her and took everything in. I remember trying to make bits for my dolls and myself out of the scraps leftover. They didn’t work out well as I hadn’t figured out seam allowances, easing and other little tricks and techniques but I kept trying and learning. Watching my Mum turn a piece of fabric into something to wear was mesmerising and to be honest something I took for granted.

As I got older I learnt to use the sewing machine, how to interpret and use patterns and then as I reached my mid-teens I wanted clothes that I couldn’t find patterns for so I taught myself, with the help of books, to design and create my own patterns. It was fantastic, as a teen in rural Shropshire in the late 90’s (no internet shopping!), to be able to have creative, individual clothing especially as our local fabric store had (and still has) a great remnants selection which made it a cheap hobby too! One Thursday morning 16/17 year old me woke up and fancied wearing a skirt to college, I hadn’t got anything that fitted the bill so I hopped on the sewing machine and knocked up a (ridiculously short) wrap over skirt out of a tartan fabric complete with buttons and button holes to secure it before I caught my 10.15am bus! This being able to sew lark was good!!

I headed off to university (to study law, about as far away from creativity that you can get!) and left the sewing machine behind. As the university years came to an end I was back at my parents home with the sewing machine sat there and I really began to get creative, I was getting good and was able to create things for other people, I even designed and made a 1960’s shift dress inspired wedding dress as one commission. Life moved on again, I went to Law School, trained as a solicitor and moved into my own home leaving the sewing machine behind once more.

Many years later I found myself in the position of needing a new path away from my office based career. I was mum to two girls, my eldest was three years old and youngest eight months old, time was precious and finances tight. My sewing machine was calling…

My eldest daughter has a wonderfully creative personality, watching her grow in confidence and explore her imagination as a toddler was fabulous. I wanted to empower her to always have the confidence to follow her imagination and be herself. It was obvious that the majority of shop bought creativity came from films and TV programmes, I wanted greater freedom than that for her so I began creating fancy dress and my beautiful colourful capes were born.

As part of this journey I bought an embroidery machine and soon discovered that this opened up a whole new world of creativity. I began making hair accessories to appeal to those girls who don’t want to be girly, with tractors, dinosaurs and rockets on and I began getting amazing requests for different designs for both boys and girls. 

My makes mean that children can be who they want to be and can express themselves be it through fancy dress or by a small accessory representing their passion. I hope that this gives them a confidence to be proud of who they are and what they are passionate about, ultimately growing up strong and confident.